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Highest Quality Handcrafted Scrub Hats and Scrub Caps for Nurses, Doctors, Techs and More.

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Six Styles with Great Assortments

Built for Medical, Dental, Food Service, Vet Medicine and Clean Room wear.

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Sweatband Option available on Traditional Tie Backs and Simple Tie Scrub Hats

Sweatband Insert

Traditional Scrub Caps

Convertible™ Scrub Hats

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Ultra™ Tie Back Scrub Hats 

Bouffant Scrub Hats

Metro™ Scrub Hats

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All products are individually hand-crafted in the USA
Many of our items are made in limited quantities and may have limited availability
We use high-quality fabrics and detailed construction techniques for long-lasting durability
Medhats™ are worn by medical, veterinarian, culinary, clean room and lab workers


Wear Medhats™ - Express your style and reduce waste by not using disposable hats

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